North America is filled with incredibly talented and energetic rope lovers. Being scattered across a huge continent, occasions are rare to have a discussion about common problems, collaborate on a concept, or explore and mix each other’s techniques. Just like Europe’s EURIX, NARIX, The North American Rope Innovation Exchange, aims to create an ideal space for these things to happen.

NARIX is a tightly focused conference with the goal of bringing together the most dedicated rope lovers from across North America to share, learn, discuss, experiment, and explore the many facets of rope bondage and the rope bondage community.

NARIX is a conference aimed at the people who attend, teach at, or organize kink and rope events. We endeavor to be a place where we can explore the areas not normally covered at a rope conference, change the face of education, and revolutionize the way we build our communities, bringing a new outlook to our local groups.

NARIX is an educational smorgasboard of styles, techniques, perspectives, and opportunities to do awesome things with rope. From that super-advanced transition sequence to that discussion you really want to have about tops and bottoms working through injuries together, to a funny way to tie up toes, to exercises and warmups for rope play. NARIX is a forum for us to explore rope together.

NARIX aims to help the broader rope community progress in terms of technique, consent practice, organization, and education.

NARIX 2017 Announcement - Making Music in 2017

We’ve kept you in suspension long enough – it’s time to cause some treble and make sweet music at NARIX 2017 in the city of ropey love. That’s right – we are heading to the Philly Music Hall for NARIX 2017!

Philly Music Hall, located in the heart of Philadelphia is an intentional community center and play space with a noble mission - to provide a safe and inclusive space for the alternative sexual communities. This spectacular 9,000-foot venue is a perfect fit for NARIX and we cannot wait to conduct our historic fourth event on Nov. 17-19.

What is NARIX? -

The North American Rope Innovation Exchange is a weekend-long Intensive open lab, sharing and discussion space for experienced rope lovers. It is a curated open space where we hope to promote innovation and the exchange of ideas. In the past, we have had intense sections on advanced suspension techniques, in-depth conversations on rope instruction, innovative classes for bottoms and self-riggers, exploration of experimental ties, and so much more. 

How do I attend? -

In an attempt to ensure that NARIX is as diverse in geography and applicable skills, attendees are selected through an application process. Applications will be available at

Who should apply? - 

The NARIX team is seeking experienced rope lovers - no matter how you do rope, or if you do the tying or get tied. We welcome Tops, Bottoms, Self-riggers, Rope Makers, Community Organizers, and Teachers. Worried that you don't have the necessary experience? We have also accepted applications from people who have applicable skills in other areas. Medicine, acrobatics, yoga, all can be applicable to rope bondage.

For More information about NARIX see our Fetlife Group - or you can visit our Mixer at Bondage Expo Dallas or RopeCraft Chicago!

NARIX 2017 is currently seeking sponsors

If interested, please contact us at


The Narix 2017 Board of Directors are:

Vacant - Chairperson

Ebi McKnotty - Programming Director

Vacant - Operations Director

Cherise33 - Communications Director

Deborah Rose - Facilities Director